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I'm Offering Healing Sessions

Reiki, Shamballa and Multi-Dimensional Healing Sessions to assist with your physical, emotional and spiritual movement.

My focus is on supporting women as they walk their path with grace, power, integrity and health. Each session is uniquely guided and may include crystal therapy, divination and sacred card readings.

I offer 60 – 90 minute sessions for $45 - $75 based on what each person feels the session is worth. Sessions can be held in your home or in my practice space in NE Portland.



I'm just really glad to be doing what I'm doing and pursuing this path. Everything seems right when I think about going to Midwifery school and my future career. All my current job issues fall away and I know whatever I am going through is worth it.


First Day of Class

I'm just really grateful to be attending Birthingway every Monday evening for my Anatomy and Physiology class.

Good vibe, excellent teacher, lovely students.

I'm so excited!



Tomorrow I'm going to receive my Reiki Levels III & IV attunement. I'm doing this so I can use my healing ability to help women through pregnancy.

I plan on bringing my Moss Agate crystals to the ceremony as a symbol for Healing Midwifery.


Cesarean Semantics

Birthing From Within talks about the power of language and the difference between a C-Section verses a C-Birth.

A C-Section implies distance and being an observer to what is happening. Whereas C-Birth includes women as a participant at their own birth.

It's important that when a woman does have a Cesarean Birth that her family and friends support this path and do their best to empower her. The language that is used around her to discuss her birth is the first step.


A Midwife's Breakfast Updated

This one is called a Midwife's Special. Still the Irish oats, soy cheese and friend egg but the special is the sliced avocado placed on top of the egg.



Moss Agate

I went to the local rock hound shop ( and found two pieces of Moss Agate to kick off the beginning of my new college career.

Moss Agate is a birthing crystal and is known to assist Midwives in their work. It helps lessen the pain of birth and bring forth a positive delivery.

I cleared it with sunshine and Reiki and keep it nearby when I study. I find it's much more soothing to hold the smooth piece in my hand rather than play with my hair while I read.