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School Supplies

I can now name 11 body systems, their functions and how metabolism works. I'm pretty amazed at how difficult chemistry was in in high school but now just seems to make sense (kinda).

I also put together a pencil pouch; colored pens, highlighters and colored sharpies. It's the same pencil pouch I used at Penn State; the one I bought while I was in New Zealand.

This is exciting and I can't wait to start class on the 8th.


Going Back to College

Satchel, Maji and I picked up my Human Anatomy and Physiology book yesterday - class starts on the 8th. I was so excited to be at the old Victorian home on a busy street...and feel the good energy coming from the ground.

I read the syllabus and had a minor freak out; Testing and reading assignments once a week, must earn a B or above in all examinations! How am I going to manage my study time with a demanding job, my family and taking care of my needs? I haven't been to college in a long time and this made me nervous. And excited.

So I started a new 3-ring binder (cover not yet made), peeled the plastic off my new text books (Memmler's The Human Body in Health and Disease) and dove right into Chapter 1. It took me about an hour to review how the textbook and study guide are arranged and get through the first few pages. I felt my brain making all sorts of new pathways. I hadn't exercised like that in a long, long time.

This feels good. My minor worry spell passed as I prepared for the class and recited my affirmation of I am capable, resourceful and successful at what I do.

I can not wait for the first day of class.


Breech - Moxibustion

A smoldering stick by the pinkie toes
turns the baby rightly so

Hold dried mugwort 1/4 inch away from the lower outside corner of each pinkie toe for 20 minutes two to three times per day to turn a breech baby.

The theory is that this works by increasing the baby's activity.

Love it!! No wonder why Midwives were thought to be witches.


Birthingway Application

I have the first draft of my application complete. I found my voice and style for the 23 essay pages and now I'm working on refining my story.

I feel like I'm really getting to the exciting part of the writing process and discovering connections in my life that have lead me to this place. Example: as I was re-reading the travel section of my life it dawned on me that I had forgotten one of the most important journeys - our trip to LA to visit friends and their past life regression therapist.

Though the regression and my choice to become a midwife aren't consciously linked together, because of that experience I was able to feel first-hand what it was like for me to give birth at the hands of a male doctor when all I wanted was a woman to help me.

This was a prairie life from the late 1800's and my husband had enough money that we could afford a doctor to come to the delivery of my second child. In that life I was submissive enough to never ask for what I wanted, which in the end resulted in my suicide.

The doctor was polite enough, but nothing was more humiliating than having him see me give birth. I longed for women to be supporting me.


First Thoughts

This is a brainstorm I did a few months ago when I first decided to enter into Midwifery. I discovered that birth is a dance and I will be a follower.


Powerful Truth

If you bring forth that which is within you,
what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
what you do not bring forth will destroy you.

-Gospel of St. Thomas




Midwifery Dreams

This is the journal where I write all my inspirations, questions and ideas about Midwifery.
First thought: Why aren't women seen at least twice a month during the first three months of pregnancy to help guide diet, exercise and care when it matters most?
At my practice, this will be a standard of care.


Looking for a Housesitting Job

We are a married, house sitting couple with real-life experience. We are currently on year six of owning our own home and are looking at ways to cut back living expenses while I attend Midwifery school.

The ideal situation is that we find a multi-year house sitting opportunity while I attend Birthingway Midwifery School in Portland and my husband continues his writing and teaching business. We will rent our home while we house sit.

As a bonus, we are both expert gardeners and of course will provide basic upkeep and maintenance to your home. We are also willing to care for pets and farm animals.

We see this relationship as a perfect blend of gratitude and energy from the Universe. My husband and I understand the importance of entrusting your home with responsible adults and the honor and privilege of staying in a home that provides us with more financial room while I follow my passion of becoming a midwife.

Please feel free to contact us for an interview.


My Craig's List Ad - Homebirth Witness

I will be applying to Birthingway Midwifery School this fall with the intention of becoming a Homebirth Midwife. As part of my own personal due diligence I am looking for a woman that would feel comfortable with me witnessing her home or water birth.

I would be honored to be a part of your birth at any level you choose. I can stay in the shadows, take photos, or be a working part of your birthing team. In trade I offer my services as a post-partum Doula (non-certified) and assist you with anything from running household errands, babysitting, or house cleaning.

If you’re curious or have any questions, please contact me. Thank you so much for even considering providing me with this opportunity.

Happy Birthing.


Midwifery in My Family

I'm visiting Pennsylvania where I grew up and have begun the process of introducing the idea of becoming a Midwife to my family. I was expecting the sharp questions about money, long-term plans, supporting myself, and the subtle comments about me being childish.

What I didn't expect was how much those questions would rock me. My family has a way of doing that to me and when they tell me they only have my best interests in mind and they know how tough it can be to survive, I really allow it to penetrate me.

But Dave and I went for a walk this morning and talked about the same questions my family asked us when we told them we were moving from Wisconsin to Oregon without jobs or a place to live. Those questions are coming from hometown folks who rarely took risks in their life to follow their dreams. They work to retire and don't know what it means to live from a soul-place.

I feel much steadier now, but I'm wondering why it's been so hard to answer their questions.


A Midwife's Breakfast

This is a Midwife's Breakfast. Slow-cooked Irish oats, fried egg on top and melted soy cheese in between.

Sure to sustain a midwife through the first hours of a birth.