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Midwifery in My Family

I'm visiting Pennsylvania where I grew up and have begun the process of introducing the idea of becoming a Midwife to my family. I was expecting the sharp questions about money, long-term plans, supporting myself, and the subtle comments about me being childish.

What I didn't expect was how much those questions would rock me. My family has a way of doing that to me and when they tell me they only have my best interests in mind and they know how tough it can be to survive, I really allow it to penetrate me.

But Dave and I went for a walk this morning and talked about the same questions my family asked us when we told them we were moving from Wisconsin to Oregon without jobs or a place to live. Those questions are coming from hometown folks who rarely took risks in their life to follow their dreams. They work to retire and don't know what it means to live from a soul-place.

I feel much steadier now, but I'm wondering why it's been so hard to answer their questions.

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