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Birthingway Application

I have the first draft of my application complete. I found my voice and style for the 23 essay pages and now I'm working on refining my story.

I feel like I'm really getting to the exciting part of the writing process and discovering connections in my life that have lead me to this place. Example: as I was re-reading the travel section of my life it dawned on me that I had forgotten one of the most important journeys - our trip to LA to visit friends and their past life regression therapist.

Though the regression and my choice to become a midwife aren't consciously linked together, because of that experience I was able to feel first-hand what it was like for me to give birth at the hands of a male doctor when all I wanted was a woman to help me.

This was a prairie life from the late 1800's and my husband had enough money that we could afford a doctor to come to the delivery of my second child. In that life I was submissive enough to never ask for what I wanted, which in the end resulted in my suicide.

The doctor was polite enough, but nothing was more humiliating than having him see me give birth. I longed for women to be supporting me.

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