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Going Back to College

Satchel, Maji and I picked up my Human Anatomy and Physiology book yesterday - class starts on the 8th. I was so excited to be at the old Victorian home on a busy street...and feel the good energy coming from the ground.

I read the syllabus and had a minor freak out; Testing and reading assignments once a week, must earn a B or above in all examinations! How am I going to manage my study time with a demanding job, my family and taking care of my needs? I haven't been to college in a long time and this made me nervous. And excited.

So I started a new 3-ring binder (cover not yet made), peeled the plastic off my new text books (Memmler's The Human Body in Health and Disease) and dove right into Chapter 1. It took me about an hour to review how the textbook and study guide are arranged and get through the first few pages. I felt my brain making all sorts of new pathways. I hadn't exercised like that in a long, long time.

This feels good. My minor worry spell passed as I prepared for the class and recited my affirmation of I am capable, resourceful and successful at what I do.

I can not wait for the first day of class.

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slucas said...

How exciting! New school supplies are one of the top five reasons I love autumn. Have fun decorating your binder!