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Birth Witness

A month ago I posted an add on Craig's List seeking the opportunity to observe a home birth. I told my story and offered postpartum support for every hour I witnessed their baby's birth.

Almost immediately a woman responding, saying as a Doula and birth instructor, she understands how difficult it is to find that experience. We talked on the phone, then met in person. She was awesome and we instantly clicked. As a bonus she was going to be having a water birth.

The bummer part was that with her other two boys she was a week late and her due date was scheduled a few days before Dave and I leave for Montana. Her date has passed, she's still pregnant and we're leaving tomorrow.

All night this week I had anxiety dreams about missing the birth, not being ready, wanting her to hurry up. I tried willing her to go into labor and meditated on her water breaking.

Then I realized the perfection in this lesson. Yes, witnessing a waterbirth would be completely rad, but the real learning for me is in the waiting. I can't control a birth and the Universe has taught me how to feel that lesson.

I also got a sneak peak at the anticipation that I will need to learn to manage at my first few approaching births.

Ahh, what a perfect situation. I'll post on Craig's List again when I return.


Feminism and Midwifery

In Other Words is a non-profit woman's bookstore (Yeah Portland!) located on North Killingsworth. I drive by it frequently on my way home from work and have always wanted to stop in and check it out but never motivated myself to actually find a parking spot.

Then the motivation came....Do they have a Midwifery section? If there are ever two groups of people that should be united it's Feminism and Midwifery.

Yes, they have a pregnancy and childcare section. No, they don't have speakers or groups on childbirth or midwifery. Hmm, this feels like an awesome community project.

Would Birthingway be interested in hosting a discussion circle about midwifery, homebirth and handing power back to women in our community at the bookstore? This seems like a worthwhile project that I would love to be a part of.

After I return from Montana in mid-August I'll call In Other Words to understand how to get a time slot on their community events calendar, then contact Rhonda at Birthingway to see if the school is interested in this type of outreach. I would be more than willing to manage this project from start to finish.

If anyone has other outreach ideas, please share.


New Thoughts on Pain Management

I have a theory about dealing with pain during dis-ease.

The only time people are allowed to scream, moan, move through and create ritual around pain is during childbirth. At all other times we are expected to still remain within the boundaries of acceptable, normal behavior.

What if we were encouraged to moan and audibly breathe through a migraine or pace and hang onto a partner during an appendicitis? And to help us find our place of instinct and rhythm we would all attend workshops on how to do this?

It seems this type of behavior could be an additional healing technique if we were told it was okay to try. Next time I get a migraine or cramps, I'm going to give it a go and report back.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences on this?


Healing Midwifery

A long time coming and sudden at the same time. I was looking for my passion while I was still in college. It took eleven years, a wonderful husband, moving across the country, a few bad jobs, two very strong careers and a mystical health crisis to find my path. Without the struggle I couldn't imagine the reward.

I've eaten meat today for the first time in eleven years. I interpret that as a sign that I am accepting new ways of being into my life. I also finished the first draft of my 13 essay application to Birthingway College of Midwifery. Another new way of being.

This is a blog about the journey of becoming a Midwife. The path is foggy and gray, but the ground is stable. I feel well supported and ready to walk. Please join me on this journey of Healing Midwifery.