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Birth Witness

A month ago I posted an add on Craig's List seeking the opportunity to observe a home birth. I told my story and offered postpartum support for every hour I witnessed their baby's birth.

Almost immediately a woman responding, saying as a Doula and birth instructor, she understands how difficult it is to find that experience. We talked on the phone, then met in person. She was awesome and we instantly clicked. As a bonus she was going to be having a water birth.

The bummer part was that with her other two boys she was a week late and her due date was scheduled a few days before Dave and I leave for Montana. Her date has passed, she's still pregnant and we're leaving tomorrow.

All night this week I had anxiety dreams about missing the birth, not being ready, wanting her to hurry up. I tried willing her to go into labor and meditated on her water breaking.

Then I realized the perfection in this lesson. Yes, witnessing a waterbirth would be completely rad, but the real learning for me is in the waiting. I can't control a birth and the Universe has taught me how to feel that lesson.

I also got a sneak peak at the anticipation that I will need to learn to manage at my first few approaching births.

Ahh, what a perfect situation. I'll post on Craig's List again when I return.

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Courtney said...

Update: She had her baby a week late while I was in Montana. She said it was very fast and she was pushing in the car on the way to the birthing center.