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Feminism and Midwifery

In Other Words is a non-profit woman's bookstore (Yeah Portland!) located on North Killingsworth. I drive by it frequently on my way home from work and have always wanted to stop in and check it out but never motivated myself to actually find a parking spot.

Then the motivation came....Do they have a Midwifery section? If there are ever two groups of people that should be united it's Feminism and Midwifery.

Yes, they have a pregnancy and childcare section. No, they don't have speakers or groups on childbirth or midwifery. Hmm, this feels like an awesome community project.

Would Birthingway be interested in hosting a discussion circle about midwifery, homebirth and handing power back to women in our community at the bookstore? This seems like a worthwhile project that I would love to be a part of.

After I return from Montana in mid-August I'll call In Other Words to understand how to get a time slot on their community events calendar, then contact Rhonda at Birthingway to see if the school is interested in this type of outreach. I would be more than willing to manage this project from start to finish.

If anyone has other outreach ideas, please share.

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Courtney said...

I plan on working with BW and In Other Words int he spring on this project.