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Healing Midwifery

A long time coming and sudden at the same time. I was looking for my passion while I was still in college. It took eleven years, a wonderful husband, moving across the country, a few bad jobs, two very strong careers and a mystical health crisis to find my path. Without the struggle I couldn't imagine the reward.

I've eaten meat today for the first time in eleven years. I interpret that as a sign that I am accepting new ways of being into my life. I also finished the first draft of my 13 essay application to Birthingway College of Midwifery. Another new way of being.

This is a blog about the journey of becoming a Midwife. The path is foggy and gray, but the ground is stable. I feel well supported and ready to walk. Please join me on this journey of Healing Midwifery.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your hard work and your discovery. your husband must be very understanding and supportive indeed!

Laura said...

I'm excited for you. One foot in front of the other.

slucas said...

What kind of meat was it?!

Courtney said...

It was Bison- a good first meat because of it's high protein and leanness. You can see pics on Satchel's blog, which will be incorporated into Moe's Meats in the near future:

HStrang said...

You are amazing!!! When framed as you have, everything you've experienced in the last 11 years makes perfect sense - it was all leading you here. I can't wait to watch/read as this journey unfolds for you.

Thanks for being such an incredible inspiration!