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Looking for a Housesitting Job

We are a married, house sitting couple with real-life experience. We are currently on year six of owning our own home and are looking at ways to cut back living expenses while I attend Midwifery school.

The ideal situation is that we find a multi-year house sitting opportunity while I attend Birthingway Midwifery School in Portland and my husband continues his writing and teaching business. We will rent our home while we house sit.

As a bonus, we are both expert gardeners and of course will provide basic upkeep and maintenance to your home. We are also willing to care for pets and farm animals.

We see this relationship as a perfect blend of gratitude and energy from the Universe. My husband and I understand the importance of entrusting your home with responsible adults and the honor and privilege of staying in a home that provides us with more financial room while I follow my passion of becoming a midwife.

Please feel free to contact us for an interview.

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