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What Kind of Advocate am I?

Am I a birth advocate? Am I a baby advocate? Am I a mother advocate?
I am a birth baby mother advocate.

Providing the most diverse and safe options for a woman will allow her to birth in her most natural way. I believe that by doing this, the baby and mother will be safe and protected because the mother is using her natural instincts to birth her baby.

By allowing a woman to create this kind of natural childbirth space, I am empowering her to trust her body to allow the very best birth that is perfect for her little baby.

By holding a natural birth space, mom and Midwife are allowing the baby to come into this world with it's fullest potential and power.

What kind of advocate are you?


Anonymous said...

A small, little teeny comment.

We can't empower anyone. We can create an atmosphere for empowerment, but women empower themselves. It is a tiny piece of semantics, but very, very powerful to and for women.

(It took me 2 decades before I was able to distinguish the nuances.)

Courtney said...

Great Point and so very true.
Holding space is what it is all about.