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Hippie Sister Born at Home - Poetry Submission

Santa Ana winds call to her
Roasting LA, cooking us
Mom floating naked in the stealthy pool
No splashing, no voice
Only the treacherous moon

Patchouli and Jasmine kiss me good morning
Trips to Ventura keep it all very cool
Digging sand pits around the tummy that will soon
Be a sister

Lamaze classes with Carol King in the front row
Dreamy times for hippie children
Our lives turning out to be a Tapestry

Up all night, my first time knowing
Dad and I late Olympic coverage
Then watching Dondi
Fading into the celebratory mist of dreams

Awakening to the strange Moscow circus
The symphony of coordinated pain and breath
And joy, watching sister get born
Olive oil and boiling pots
Naked not transforming
In mom and dad's bed
In Van Nuys

There was music that day, always
Dad greeting the birth in song
Then a Pepsi and a filet for mom
Just one day old
Molly watched the green sparklers
As she and America celebrated their birth
One with the other

Michael Deasy Jr.10/31/08

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the male perspective.