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Miracle? - Poetry Submission

A Woman waits, as
a Girl maybe of curls, yet
surely of cuddles

From the time of mud
puddles to the Rain from the
Moon, her Rain, her Reign...

Empowered as none
might even feign to know, 'cept
as, HerSelf under-

vibrancies we cannot see,
Empowered as none

might even feign to
know, tho'... And then the Love Be-
yond-Beyond, and to

The Plan... of a first
knowing Nau; draw the shudders
un-the-string, soon the the
Spring, my Darling, in the Spring!
We will taste the Wine's

Sublime... Yet, how do I
Feel me to You? I do, want
two...Alas, It is

Yours to know mine as
Mine, and you of three in Me
Feel this Miracle!


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