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Zen White Sale - Poetry Submission

Heat hovers
Like whispers close to the ear
In a room lit by an August moon
Quiet light warms your feet
Like slow moving water

The small of your back
A sweet dewey cup
The curve of your collarbone
The slope my fingers ride
The strand of hair wending across your forehead

My thrill

From the summit of this dizzying height I willingly leap onto the shores of your life and die happily in your love
White linen sheet cool as reprieveScented with loam Floats
In the hollows of your shapely bones
Lays delicatelyOver your undulating grace
The impossibility of your beauty
White seeps into every corner Ever expanding my fulfillment.

Its fibers
A trillion tiny stalks
Quivering with joy that they were plucked from the earth in time to enfold you

First published in the PoetSpeak anthology for their November 2004 poetry reading event. Written by Kim A. Steffgen

1 comment:

Margaret D. said...

What a beautiful expression of a mother's love!