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Essential Oils for Birth - Part 1

Stephanie, a Labor Doula from the Portland Birth Collective, recommended some essential oils for my birth bag when attending a laboring woman. I purchased the oils she suggested, plus some additional ones that I use in my personal practice, while holding the intention of childbirth, then meditated on the scents and allowed imagery to come to me that would assist women during their work.

Here are some of the oils I in my birth bag. More to come later.

Feminine. A pure waterfall. A gentle caress. A bed of satin.

Lavender is calming. Place drops around mamma.

Remember how it feels to climb a wall. Dancing in a dream. Running into the wind, feeling the sunshine on your back.

Rosemary and Orange are energizing. Sprinkle a few drops on the floor around the birthing mamma.

Sweet Orange
Clean and safe. Mouth watering sweet. Paradise.

Use in combination with Rosemary.

Ylang Ylang
Erotic beauty. Lotus flower opening gently in the calm of the pond.

Ylang Ylang is a good to drop in a bathtub when mamma's cervix isn't opening. Because it is a sensual oil, Ylang Ylang can help open the cervix like a Lotus.
To use during birth - remember to hold your intention:

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