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Fat, Fiber and Protein - Essential to Starting Your Day

When breaking fast it's important that your breakfast contains fat (think coconut milk, seeds, avocado), fiber (veggies, fruit) and protein (tofu, beans, meat). This will ensure a solid foundation for your upcoming day and will give your body everything it needs to begin the digestion and metabolism process.

Check out this recipe below, which I call The Cuba Special, to begin your day. I suggest making enough for several mornings and cooking everything the night before to ensure a calm eating ritual. You can decide the appropriate amounts that fit your tastes because you just can't go wrong with this meal.

Black Beans
Coconut Milk

The night before
Cook black beans
Cook rice
Roast yams (chop and place in oven at 400 for 20 minutes, flip and cook another 20)

The morning of
Heat the beans, rice and yams together in a pot
Heat coconut milk separately
When warm, combine in bowl and add Cinnamon and Nutmeg

Mmmmmmmmmm - this is another breakfast that will last a long time. And it tastes SUPER.

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