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Pagan Self-Blessing

Divine Mother,
Bless (name of mother-to-be), for she is your child.
(Dip fingers, touch crown)
Bless (name of mother-to-be)'s sight
that she may clearly see your path as well as her own.
(Dip fingers, touch forehead)
Bless (name of mother-to-be)'s throat
that she may speak her truth.
(Dip fingers, touch throat)
Bless (name of mother-to-be)'s heart
that she may open to the wisdom of all women.
(Dip fingers, touch heart)
Bless (name of mother-to-be)'s solar plexus
that she may live in the world in a way that is true to her highest self.
(Dip fingers, touch solar plexus)
Bless (name of mother-to-be)'s vagina
the gateway of birth.
(Dip fingers, touch pelvic bone)
Bless (name of mother-to-be)'s feet
that she may walk your divine path.
(Dip fingers, touch feet)
Bless (name of mother-to-be)'s hands
that do your work as well as her own.
(Dip fingers, touch hands)
Bless (name of mother-to-be), for she is your child:
a part of you, and a part of us all.
(Dip fingers, touch crown)

Can be used in a Blessingway ceremony for mamas-to-be. Feel free to use scented oil, sea salt dissolved in water or rose water as a blessing.

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