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PPD Tip Sheet

Baby Blues

  • 80% of women experience what is called “baby blues” which occurs around day 3 postpartum and lasts less than 2 weeks.
  • You may feel overwhelmed, sad, anxious, fatigued, or have no appetite.
  • Thoughts like “I don’t even want this baby” or “What was I thinking?” are normal. They don’t mean you’re a bad mother or will have them forever.
  • If you experience these thoughts after 2 weeks, you may have Postpartum Depression.

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

  • About 10-15% of all postpartum women experience more serious depression and anxiety and can begin at any time during the first year after birth.
  • Risk factors include previous depression/anxiety or PPD, social isolation or poor support, abrupt weaning, history of premenstrual syndrome, mood changes while taking birth control pills and prenatal loss.
  • You may feel a sense of despair, want to sleep all the time or have insomnia, have frightening thoughts about your baby or yourself, feel constantly fearful about your baby’s health or be unable to get through your day to day activities.
  • Thoughts like “I’ll never be myself again”, “I’m a terrible mother”, “I just don’t care anymore” or “No one understands” are symptoms of PPD.

Coping With Postpartum Depression 

  • Talk to family or friends who can support you through this time. You want to ensure you are not alone and isolated. Access local support groups.
  • Express all your anger or sadness, keeping those feelings inside you won’t help you recover.
  • Look to the Internet and books to educate yourself on PPD.
  • Get as much sleep as you can. Rest when your baby does and don’t worry about keeping the house clean or friends entertained.
  • Ensure you are taking as much time for yourself as possible. Take a walk, a bath, get a manicure or read a book. Allowing yourself to reconnect with your spirit will help.
  • Consider talking to your health care provider, general wellness practitioner or therapist.
  • Pay attention to the good times and try to remain present in your day rather than worrying about the future or stressing over the past.

Your Postpartum Year

  • Baby Blues Connection is a local organization created to help mothers through PPD. They are available 24/7 by calling 503.797.2843. You can also find them at
  • If you need additional referrals for therapists, psychiatrist, support groups, please let me know, I can help.
  • I am also available as a Postpartum Doula and can help you through this time by taking care of your baby while you spend time with yourself, helping around the house or just chatting.

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